My Graduation Day | with Lurik Dress

I prepared two dresses for my graduation day, April 13th 2013.
The blue one was made from lace, lurik, cotton with ikat motif
that all I have bought from Jogjakarta
The black one was made from sarong (red)
I asked my friends to vote which one is more suitable
for my graduation dress,
and the answer was the blue one

And for my special day ever, I also made hat and handbag
to make my look perfectly.
I did make up and hair do by myself and taraaaaa,
this is my look :)

My boyfriend and I :*

I was awarded as the best graduates
Thanks Mom, Thanks all, you'r so special :*


  1. Hi Ema, keren! Semoga "I Need Tailored" bisa jadi brand besar ya, yang terpenting tetep have fun ngejalaninnya, selamat sekali lagi :)

    1. Hi kak Riki, aminnnnnnn
      Makasih yaa kak. Pastinya selalu have fun dan penuh semangat ngejalaninya. Mohon doanya ya kak :)