Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

February 14-17th, 2013, I attended to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 as Fashion Show Crew. I did as Fitter, its means that I help designers to make the dresses fit to the models.
And this was Cyntia, who was my model during the Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. I helped Cyntia to make dresses fit to her. I also did as fitter for many designers: Hengky Kawilarang, Bintang mirA, Isyanto, Jimmy Fei-fei, Jenahara, Okky Wong, Rudy Chandra, Melinda Loi, Yadirsyah Zunur, etc.

I did as Fitter at IFW2013
And These photos was taken from backstage. Actually I have taken more, but I had some problem with my phone so I can't upload all of them.

Designed by The 3rd Finalist at Indonesia
Fashion Designer Competition 2013
#I liked the batik tone,
the combination of dark blue and magenta
Designed by The 1st winner
of Indonesia Fashion Designer Competition 2013
I liked the Lucy's design, because the design has unity color,
sense, line, soul, theme, everything (haha :))
Lennor by Lenny Agustin, this is the show by Lenny Agustin (Famous Fashion Designer). She usually uses batik in her design. And tomorrow, she applied batik in the whole her fashion show, that inspired from the color of forest and wildflowers. That was a great show, but I think I prefer to Deden Siswanto's Show before. He present the gorgeous collection, with the nice good beautiful great wonderful combination between the design, theme, video background, the music, lighting, and the models, everything have presented perfectly. Unfortunately, I did not make a documentation at his show, because I did not bring my camera. But you can see all of the show in Youtube or official website from IFW2013.

The Last Show at IFW2013,
Lennor by Lenny Agustin

The exhibition
by WorldFashionWeek
at Main Lobby  IFW 2013

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