About My Job & Lovely Store, Pu*l&Bear

Someday, I applied the job to the one of biggest retail company in Indonesia, called MAP. MAP distributed many brands from abroad to Indonesia (such as importer). And the end of summer 2013, I have been accepted to be an Store Supervisor in one of their fashion brand, called Pu*l and Bear.

Why I chose fashion retail for my first job? first, I want to know what is fashion retail and how to do, how manage it. Second, I want to learn merchandising and visual merchandising. Third, I want to learn about trend, collection, consumer behavior, market, and do store operational well. And now, I have a challenge.

I trained 1 month and 10 days in Jakarta Store, and came back to Surabaya to open the new store, with new concept of interior. My store (I think that store is like my own, so I can treat it well), built with 2013s new concept, called California Store, was so different with Jakarta Store's concept. My store's interior was so rustic, many details, fixtures, and many things that make me 'surprised' like a small office, break room, and stockroom. If you know how to work at operational department, that seems a little hard to do, but I have been appointed to supervise, and I will do the best like a professional.

This is the entrance. So powerful, energetic, Californian, unique, fresh, cool, teen, and other wonder words ;p
The new concept brought the high techno for Pu*l and Bear Store

Men's Cat walk

Women's Cat Walk

Yeahh, that's all. Here I started my fashion career as professional. Next, I do the same for my own store. I promise, and wish me luck :)

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